Sue Jones Wahroonga Dietitian
02 9347 2404
Sue Jones Wahroonga Dietitian
02 9347 2404
Support & Guidance from an accredited dietitian
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Sue Jones, Wahroonga Dietitian
Sue Jones, Wahroonga Dietitian
Welcome to the Dietitian practice of Sue Jones.
What might you expect to feel after seeing Sue?
  • Feel understood
  • Less confusion and more clarity about what might be best for you
  • Feel more optimistic and less overwhelmed about how you might achieve your goals
  • A greater understanding of how to manage your health with less need for medication
  • Feel more empowered about how to move forward with your food dilemmas
  • Feel an improved quality of life
  • Improved energy levels
  • A sense of enjoyment from feeling more healthy
  • A sense of satisfaction from understanding how to put the theory into practice when it comes to day to day food choices, by listening to Sue’s realistic and practical advice
  • Enthused about the shopping tips
  • Inspired by cooking tricks you can use to help
  • Feel happy with the support and guidance you receive


NEW NOTE: 22/3/2020 at 4 pm. In light of current world events, I am happy to hold appointments over the telephone instead of in person. Please be reassured that these are very satisfactory for you. 

I am going to offer video-conferencing appointments as soon as I am happy with how I use the technology. I will update this page as soon as I am sorted and can offer this service.


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